Thurs-Sat June 2nd-4th Newport, CA | 9am-6pm

Attend if you want to:
• Start, Finish and or Market your
own Book

• Develop and Enhance your own
Icon Website

• Learn how to have your own

• Book more Speaking gigs
• Inspire Action in every Audience
• Be featured in the media
• Capture more Testimonials and
• Influence the Affluent!
• Launch Your Own TV Show
• Become the Editor-in-Chief of your
own magazine

Attend if you are:
• Attorneys
• Doctors
• Dentists
• Speakers
• Authors
• Coaches
• Artists
• Chiropractors
• Trainers
• Investors
• Realtors
• Business Owners who NEED to have
influence, credibility and exposure
• People who want to raise capital for
their business

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The #1 first and foremost thing you will learn at this event is HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCES!

The education provided at this event is designed to expose numerous ways to increase your brand and make you more money!

These 3 circles involve 3 empowering questions that will get you more profitable answers. There are many formulas both online and offline that will help you discover more ways to make money while doing what you love.

I am going to share 2 days worth of this knowledge as well as back it up with proof from what me and my clients have done using these formulas!

Are you in the Advice Business? If you make money off the advice you give then you are, in fact, in the Advice Business. This includes Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Attorneys, CPA's, Dentist's, Doctors, Realtors, Financial Planners, and most Business Owners.

Or maybe you are in the entertainment industry and you just need to build your personal brand.

How would you like your "Brand" to be taken more seriously and valued more preciously? If you can raise your Icon status, then you can attract more clients and be paid more for your expertise. Being able to monetize your knowledge and experiences is paramount in Cracking the Icon Code.

Do people really listen when you talk? Social proof like testimonials, endorsements, awards, degrees, certificates, social media recognition, authoring books, writing articles, key note speaking and being featured in the media can all raise your Icon status and make you more influential. I have done all this! I will show you how as well as the order of importance and in what order to take action on these game changing mile stones.

Tired of being the worlds best kept secret? For some reason visibility equals credibility. I'm not saying it SHOULD be this way I just saying that it IS this way. At this event me and my other quest expert speakers will be showing you have to become highly visible and attract more of the attention you deserve.

Take these 3 Quizzes to find out your current Icon Status. Then come to this 2 Day event to RAISE it and MONETIZE IT!

Things you will learn:

• How to Develop Your Core Stories and Attract the People You Love to Serve.
• The 5 C's of Launching Anything.
• When to get an Agent, a Publicist, a Coach, and or a Manager and what the differences are between them all.
• What Editors and Producers want to see and how to get their attention.
• The difference between Social PR and Traditional PR.
• How to Create a Fan Funnel.
• How to get great Video Testimonials and a lot of them.
• How to get Celebrity Endorsements and good ones.
• New media and distribution opportunities through Netflix, Amazon, Roku and many more.
• How to create and launch your own magazine as Editor-in-Chief.
• Easy scripts for videos that work every time.
• How to get leads, speaking gigs and media attention with just a book cover.
• How to Recruit Interns legally and ethically for free labor where everyone wins.
• Enlist an entourage, and develop a team.
• Generate traffic for your website through social media with posters.
• And much, much more!

We don't just teach you and show you how to create the Social Proof rather we also show you the day to day week to week sales activities that will help you generate more profits.

This event will include Power Points, Images, Mind Maps, Work Flow Charts and Proven Formulas that we use with our clients. Sign up now!