Mark Sanborn“David Fagan has a PhD from the University of Experience. He’s faced daunting challenges and through creativity and hard work, reinvented himself as an icon in his arena. This book shares his insights, strategies, and tactics. If you’re willing to do the work, these ideas will pay off richly.”

~ Mark Sanborn,
President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.
New York Best-Selling Author of The Fred Factor

Bernie Dohrmann“We ask all our Chicken Soup, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Unleash the Giant Within, and The Secret readers to scoop up Cracking the Icon Code and give it out to thank your customers. This book is the answer we all have been waiting for.”

~ Berny Dohrmann,
Author of Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution and Super Achiever Mind Sets


W. Roger Salam“David has always had a way of attracting big time clients and even bigger opportunities. I’ve personally witnessed his meteoric rise to become an Icon himself and how he shares his secrets in this book. It takes the formula that was at one time only in his head as pure instinct and now delivers it step by step to the rest of us. It is my belief that if you can harness only half of this book you will still be twice as successful!”

~ W. Roger Salam,
Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Winners Circle & Guaranteed Prosperity

“This little book has huge insights that will forever change the way people talk about sales and marketing.”

~ Aaron Halderman,
Senior VP of Business Development, GKIC

Greg-CayeaFun Read with Great Perspectives on Leadership
I wish I would have read this book eight years ago when I was twenty. It was a fast read (I read it in two days) and has been in my bag since the final page. I’ve been referencing a few chapters on the regular. I honestly have nothing bad to say, would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur or established business leader wishing to begin their career or take it to the next level. ~ Greg Cayea
michael-levine“Cracking The Icon Code” is a provocative piece of work by the ample mind of David Fagan. It can be read as a road map or a deeper meditation of the topic. Either way, I believe it is a valuable contribution to a significantly emerging business topic. ~ Michael Levine
Craig A. ValineDavid Fagan Really IS The Icon Builder
I was very fortunate to receive and review a pre-published edition of this book just a few weeks ago. David Fagan is the epitome of what he teaches in the Icon Code. As a marketer and serious student of communication and influence, I watch David closely each time I see him live in action. If you are smart and you pay attention carefully, there are major lessons in how he communicates. It’s brilliant. I listen to his every word to hear the “presentation behind the presentation”. That’s where my biggest breakthroughs have been in my own business over the past year. Everything you are reading in this book – what he teaches to his clients – is what he practices every day. There is no fluff. This book delivers the real stuff that Icons are made of. Use it and cherish it as your road map to gaining iconic status within your industry.

~ Craig A. Valine

Casey EberhartThis is perfect if you are REALLY ready to learn from the best!
I am one of the biggest David Fagan fans there is! David is one of the new breed of business people, one that actually teaches, trains, lives and breathes the success of his students and clients. What is so awesome about this book is you really get a practical guide to becoming an Icon in your industry. For me one of the best sections of the book is when David walks us through exactly how he can take his yearly goal and reverse engineers it so he can know exactly how many people he needs to be in front of DAILY!! That ONE thing has increased my bottom line just using his exact formula. David is out on the bleeding edge of social media, PR, technology and ideas! This is well worth the small asking price and I can assure you, it will be worth the time taking the ACTION to read it!

~ Casey Eberhart

Mark MeloonDifferent and Better Than Most
There’s no shortage of books claiming how to become a thought-leader. The problem is that most of them are big on theory and wooly ideas about how it’s supposed to work and scant on details. One of the most important reasons this book is different and better than the rest is that it provides a step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve success! The name “Cracking the Icon Code” is apt for this book, since you won’t get stuck asking “That’s great. Now, what’s next?” like you do with so many other books on this subject. A step-by-step procedure, numbers to back it up, an emphasis on the big vision, and a novel “about the author” section that’s a must-see make this book a required addition to every icon and icon-in-the-making’s bookshelf.

~ Mark-Meloon

Paul NisenbaumDavid Fagan A.K.A. Mr. Icon Maker
Yep, I bought David Fagan’s new book from Amazon last week, Cracking the Icon Code, and read it straight through. I nearly used a whole package of yellow Post-Its marking the many important points. David’s concise writing illuminates core issues and actions. I really like this style of book. I easily recommend it to others.

Page one:
1. Would I make more money if I had more Influence?
2. Would I make more money if I had more Credibility?
3. Would I make more money if I had more Exposure?

Page 39
– Who do you now know?
– Who do you now know who knows who you want to know?
– What can you do for others?

~ Paul Nisenbaum

Michael Savage aka SirTony‘Cracking the Icon Code’ a true gift from the ‘I-CAN-ICON’ David Fagan
“Some books are meant to help…David Fagan’s book ‘Cracking the Icon Code’ is designed to MAKE CERTAIN with out a doubt by GIVING THE BRUTAL TRUTH about being a leader in this HIGH TECH Internet World…of WHAT IT MEANS TO TRULY BE and EARN the STATUS of an ICON of your Industry. He makes it clear in this TECHNO WORLD with his VERY DETAILED lists of how to build a SOLID Foundation that will allow any great soul to truly UNDERSTAND what kind of WORK they need to do to achieve their goals to BE A TRUE ICON…and live their DREAM by DOING IT…and he makes it 110% clear on all levels of what we will need to DO. I repeat he LISTS details and the Process of what it is to actually DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE…not THEORY…but the BLUE PRINT that has been PROVEN to WORK time and time again…So …Congratulations to Mr. Fagan for being a Heroic Soul who truly takes the Responsibility to share these most important words of WISDOM to help so many … and I thank him for the Privilege to be one of the first to experience such a Journey….Amen” ~ Michael Savage Aka “Sir Tony”

Nothing Held Back
David Fagan unleashes all his secrets in this book. No fill, just targeted information for those of us looking for that unfair advantage to conquer the challenge on how to stand out and profit big time! ~ Angela J. Forero “yubartita”

Awesome Read
Where was this book about 5 years ago? Some of the tips in this book would have saved me a lot of trouble had I known them before now. This book is an easy read without a lot of jargon. It has action steps that are easy for anyone to complete if they choose to do so. The book can be read in one sitting and moves quickly. It is also full of great content with minimal fluff. I had to read through a couple of times for the info to really sink in. But overall, I would get this book again. ~ Sharlotte Jackson